Go-Live Day 4

Picture of a temporary power panel installed in the Apex (Epic) Command Center at UCSF.

More power than the early 20th century had planned for.

We’re now 96 hours live on the system with two weekend days and two weekdays under our belt.

From the beginning we made CPOE mandatory with the exception of chemotherapy protocols and pediatric TPN. We had 1669 calls to the support line on the first weekday (Monday) and 677 Tuesday. We’ve had 4,167 concurrent staff members in the system at its peak to date, including clinical and non-clinical users, and 16,446 orders entered electronically in Apex (Epic) in the last 24 hours.

We took over two large office suites on the campus for the support effort. One houses the service desk that receives calls, the other is the “Command Center” for the applications team. Both these groups are in UC Hall, built in 1917 and the oldest building on UCSF’s Parnassus Campus. Our facilities department had to wire in an auxiliary power distribution panel to accommodate the electrical load.  We also have two support resource rooms for drop-in help and training, one inside the cafeteria and once just adjacent to it.

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