Go-Live Day 3 – The Home Opener

An aerial photo of AT&T Park with downtown San Francisco in the backgroundOur medical informatics group likes baseball metaphors, and we’ve described the Monday just past as the home opener. Our ambulatory practices were in full swing using Apex (Epic) for registration and billing for the first time. With a large influx of new administrative users to the system we’ve had an uptick in users needing changes to their security setup, but worked through that volume during the day and evening. The spike in call volume around mid-morning briefly stressed parts of our voice telecom system (of all things). On the clinical side, the first full day using Apex for anesthesia and OR operations went remarkably smoothly; more later on the extraordinary efforts of Dr David Robinowitz and many others to implement this newer module of Epic at UCSF.

On the inpatient side, we’re refining aspects of the discharge process and the collaboration between physicians and case managers. Fewer than half the patients hospitalized at UCSF receive their primary care here, so we work hard to bridge the gap between our inpatient and specialty services and the care patients receive in their own communities. We plan to implement CareEverywhere, Epic’s health information exchange, which will go part of the way toward tightening those connections electronically.

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