The go-live support physician “melting pot”

One of the fun parts of go-live the last few days has been interacting with the physicians who have come here from around the country to provide go-live support.  There are both endless similarities and differences in the ways that individual institutions choose to deploy every small aspect of Epic.  Being able to bounce ideas off of this community of physicians who is visiting San Francisco to observe and assist with our go-live has been very useful.

2 thoughts on “The go-live support physician “melting pot”

  1. Hi Dr. Neinstein,
    I work with physicians to help them stay engaged in the Epic transition and change. I was wondering if you’ve worked with any healthcare systems and/or Epic vendors who have put together a post go-live engagement strategy to keep providers engaged. We have implemented Epic at several of our system locations and I would like to try and put together a post go-live strategy. Thank you for any help!

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