T plus 24 hours on Epic – we have one chicken

One chick hatched from an egg among many unhatched eggs. Photo credit cuteoverload.comSo far, things have gone remarkably smoothly. In the first hours there were a few user interface glitches to speedily correct, and a handful of clinicians that didn’t have the right security (particularly multi-role clinicians such as RN/NPs).  We have a challenge with printing a particular paper dashboard physicians like because it comes out looking one way when printed from the the client-side software and another when printed directly from the server. But over all clinicians are talking about the patients and not so much about the system, and the positive attitude throughout the organization has been incredible.

We went live on a Saturday by design. We are at about 70% occupancy, and although we’ve had several major operations performed and babies born, we haven’t yet touched what a full day in the operating rooms will be like. On Monday we have almost 4000 patient visits scheduled. We are definitely not counting our chickens yet, but after 24 hours on the system I think we’ve hatched one.

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