T plus 17 hours – 7247 Orders in Twelve Hours of CPOE

Surgeons performing an organ transplantation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After 17 hours live on Epic and 12 hours live on CPOE:

  • 7247 total orders entered electronically by providers
    • 2257 medication orders
    • 4990 non-medication orders

We went to considerable effort to locally develop order sets for common clinical situations. Order sets help standardize care, promote best practices, and make order entry more efficient. Our Top 10 order sets after 12 hours on a Saturday.

Order Set Uses
IP Adult Home Discharge 79
ED Adult Generic Orders 31
IP Adult/Peds Acute Dialysis Orders 27
IV Electrolytes Replacement Orders for Malignant Heme 26
IP Adult Core Admission Orders 22
IP Adult Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) 17
IP Adult SUBQ Insulin After Meal PT Eating Orders 14
IP Adult Blood Product Transfusion Orders 12
IP Adult Post Anesthesia Care (PACU) 9

Nothing surprising here.  A ways further down the list, we have 7 uses of the Adult Thymoglobulin Order Set, indicating organ transplantation, and 4 uses of Induction Chemotherapy for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.

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